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About Steve

About Steve Brodsky and why your here

I’m Steve a 26 year old making a full time income online while traveling the world and absolutely loving it!

I am living my dream of traveling the world and making a boat load of money while I do it and now I want to help you live out your dreams.

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My Background

Believe it or not I started out as a Chef in NYC.  After studying at the Culinary Institute of America and cooking at several Michelin Star restaurants in NYC I moved to Dallas to open up a personal chef business.


As I was growing my personal chef business I started messing around with affiliate marketing and building niche websites online.  Before long I was making more online working a couple hours a day than I was working entire weeks behind a stove.



I closed my fledgling personal chef company and started doing online marketing full time.  After a couple of months of some big mistakes and a lot of learning I was making a bigger full time income than I ever imagined.

DCIM101GOPROIn early 2014 I finally fulfilled my life long dream of traveling the world and bought a one way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand and haven’t looked back.

I have spent months in the Thai islands, what I can only describe as paradise, learning to scuba dive, ate incredible food (only got sick once!) and making some incredible friends.

IMG_0172I have bathed elephants, played with baby tigers, been blessed by monks in mountain top temples and trekked in the jungles of Vietnam.

In short internet marketing has given me the ability to live out my dreams and I want to give you the tools to live out yours.




So why this blog?

On a trip back home I was out having a beer with some friend and they were telling me about their lives.  How they worked 9 to 5, didn’t necessarily love their job and just worked for the weekend.

When I told them about my life of being a digital nomad, running a business from my laptop and traveling the world, they were blown away.  They kept saying how “lucky” I was and how they could never do that.

I thought about little else for a week afterwards.  Was I really just “lucky”?  Could the average person really do what I do even if they didn’t know how to code, much less how to build a website?

The answer was  resounding yes.  You can absolutely do what I do, you only need the drive and determination to actually sit down and do it.  If you have that, all you need is a little knowledge to guide you down the right path.

That is where this site comes in.  It is here to help guide you as you start your own online business and live out your dreams.

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Internet marketing has given me so much and I can’t wait to pass it on to you!