Conversion Rate

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Conversion Rate is an extremely important metric that you need to monitor in your own business.  It is the rate of which someone who comes to a webpage takes the desired action (such as purchase from a sales page or opt-in on a squeeze page).

To find your conversion rate you divide your total conversions by the number of people who have come to the page.

# of Conversions / # of Visitors = Conversion Rate

This is an example to help you better understand:

You have just built a new sales page.  On launch day a total of 1,000 people go to the sales page.  Out of those 1,000 people 50 purchase.  Your conversion rate is .05 or 5%.

50 (# of people who converted) / 1,000 (# of people who landed on page) = .05 or 5%

The goal is to get your conversion rate as high as possible.


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