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How I gained 2,062 Highly Engaged Twitter followers in 23 days on nearly autopilot!


On October 1st (exactly 23 days ago as I am writing this) I launched The World Is My Office and started building my social media audience.

Twitter is one of the absolute best places to drive highly targeted traffic to your blog posts and I wanted to focus on Twitter during my first month social media wise.

In this Case Study/Tutorial I am going to show you exactly how I:

  • Gained 2,062 Highly Engaged Twitter Followers on nearly autopilot
  • Drove a ton of traffic to my blog
  • Connected with some amazing influential people
  • Setup the software program that made it all happen!

So Lets get started!

The Results

Before I show you how I did it lets go over my results.  In 23 days I went from 0 to 2,062 followers (and counting).

twitter followers


But gaining a lot of followers means nothing if they aren’t engaged.  What would be the point of growing your twitter audience if they aren’t visiting your site, retweeting and favoriting your tweets and responding to your direct messages?

After setting up the software program I am going to show you in a little bit I started engaging with my followers on Twitter on complete autopilot and guess what?  They started engaging back!

twitter proof 6 twitter proof 4 twitter proof 3 twitter proof 2 twitter proof

tweet proof 10 tweet proof 11

As you can see the followers I gained aren’t just random people who aren’t interested in what I have to say, they are highly targeted (in fact I got them from my direct competitors! And I will show you exactly how I did it) as well as highly engaged.  I have even gotten several 1-on-1 Coaching Requests from Direct Messages on Twitter.

Not only have I gotten engagement on Twitter, but I have also driven a good amount of traffic to my blog as well as gotten over 100 new subscribers on my list!

The best part about all of this is that I did it almost on complete autopilot!

The Tool I Used to Automate


tweet adder


I use (and absolutely LOVE) TweetAdder4.  It is a Twitter Management and automation tool that works on both Windows and Mac (which is a big deal because I use a Mac Powerbook and a lot of software in the IM world doesn’t work well on it).

You can check out TweetAdder4 by clicking here!

I use TweetAdder4 every single day, in fact I just leave it running in the background every time I open my laptop, and everything I have accomplished on Twitter so far has been because of TweetAdder4.

I use it to automate the following tasks (I will go into a lot more step-by-step details on each of these later):

  1. Find and follow Twitter followers of my competition
  2. Scrub my inactive Twitter followers to only keep a highly engaged audience
  3. Auto send direct messages to every new Twitter follower
  4. Post new tweets from RSS feeds that I choose
  5. Post daily tweets linking back to past blog posts to drive traffic
  6. Retweet any influencer that I choose in order to connect with them

As you can see I use TweetAdder4 of a ton of stuff that would take hours of my time every day to do manually.

Lets go through each of these tasks one by one and I will show you exactly how I used them to build my highly engaged audience.

Find and follow Twitter followers of my competition

The best way to gain followers (especially when your starting out with 0 followers like I did) is too follow others.  I have seen about a 30% return rate in following.  Meaning for every 10 people I follow 3+ will follow me back.

But remember I don’t want random followers who will never engage with me and aren’t interested in what I have to tweet about so I targeted the followers of my main competition.  This is a very targeted audience for me and I narrowed it down even further by only following people who are active on Twitter.

TweetAdder4 allows me to do all of this within the software, let me show you how.

Open up TweetAdder4 after you have installed it and hook up your Twitter account to it.  This is really easy and it comes with simple instructions.

Once you have your Twitter account hooked up double click on your user name and click on the “Followers of a User” then enter one of your competitors Twitter ID’s into the search field.

followers 1

Then click on the “search button”.  It will take a minute or two to collect all of the followers of your competitor depending on how many followers they actually have.

Now we are going to sort all of them by “Last Tweet Date”.  This is to make sure the people we are following are active on Twitter and have sent a Tweet recently.  Now we simply click on the “Follow” button and TweetAdder4 will go in and follow the person.

Be sure to not follow more than about 100 per day, it is easy to get carried away and follow 1,000 but Twitter doesn’t like it and might limit your account.  100 per day will keep you in the “safe zone” and you won’t need to worry about being on any of Twitters radars.

Once you have followed 100 or so people you can save the rest to follow later by clicking the “Follow All Later” button.  This will add them to the “Follow Later List” tab on the left and saves you from having to search for the followers every time you want to follow new ones.

followers 2

We don’t want to keep following a bunch of people who aren’t following us. Especially if we aren’t interested in what they are saying!

So every once and awhile I go through and unfollow everyone hasn’t followed me back. TweetAdder4 lets you do this really easily.  Click on the “Not Following Back” tab on the left.  On the bottom of the screen make sure to check the box “Hide users followed within ___ days”.  You can enter any number you want into the days space, I like to do between 5-7.  If someone hasn’t followed you back after a week odds are they aren’t going to be following you back.

Next just unfollow people like you followed people, keep it too about 100 a day to keep off any spam/bot radars and your good to go!

followers 3


Scrub inactive followers

I could care less how many total followers I have.  What I (and what you should) care about is the amount of active engaged users you have.  A highly engaged audience of a couple hundred can be a lot more effective in driving traffic and sales than an inactive audience of thousands.

So every couple of weeks go through your list and unfollow (scrub) the people who haven’t tweeted anything within 3-4 weeks.

Click on the “Inactive” tab on the left, then on the bottom of the screen set the number of days you want to filter for.  I usually leave it set to 30 days, if they haven’t done anything on Twitter in 30 days then they aren’t going to be engaged with me.  Then simply unfollow them like usual.  Be careful not to unfollow more than 100 or so people a day!  This includes your normal unfollowing people who haven’t followed you back.

followers 4


Auto-Send Direct Messages to New Followers

Now that we are starting to get followers I want to connect with each and every one of them.  Otherwise whats the point?

TweetAdder4 allows me to automatically send a Direct Message to every single new follower.  This alone is one of the greatest things about the software, it saves me so much time and gets me a huge response!

To set this up click on the “Thank You Message” tab on the left.  Now in the text box type in several different welcome messages you want to send out.  Don’t ask people to “like your FB page” or to visit your site or any crap like that.  EVERYONE does that and it looks so much like spam it makes me want to slap them.

Instead connect with them, ask them what they do.  Tell them what you do and ask if you can help them anyway, make it sound like it’s actually you typing out every single one of them.

As you can see at the top of every page I offer a free case study on how I built a 6 figure membership site.  Since you can’t put links inside a direct message and I knew my target audience (hopefully the people I am following and are following me back) would be interested in that I made it one of my welcome messages:

Thanks for the follow!  I am giving away an incredible case study on my site right now, be sure to check it out!

I have gotten a ton of new subscribers and people going to check out my site just from that one line than most other things I am doing!

I suggest you make 3 or 4 different messages, TweetAdder4 will randomize them as it sends them out. I entered 2-5 minutes at the bottom where it asks how often to send messages and then click on the big “Automation On” button and you never have to touch it again!  Every time you get a new follower that you are following (otherwise you can’t send a direct message!) it will auto send this welcome message, how awesome is that?!

messages 1


Auto Send Tweets from RSS Feed

Since I just launched The World Is My Office about 3 weeks ago (as of writing this) I don’t have a ton of content yet that I can constantly be tweeting about.

Instead of being silent or tweeting the same 6 or 7 articles over and over again I decided to find a source of content to tweet about until I had a lot more content on The World Is My Office.

However I don’t want to spend time curating content to tweet about, so why not automate it? 🙂

The World Is My Office has two different target audiences.

  1. Digital Nomads and people who want to become digital nomads and build a business that allows the to travel the world
  2. Internet Marketers who are interest din building an online business but not necessarily traveling a lot

So I needed to find a source of constantly great content that talks to both of those audiences.  I opted to go with Inbound.com, grabbing the RSS feed from the homepage insures that only the very best content will be tweeted out and it will be varied enough to not be boring.

Now that I have the RSS feed to curate tweets from lets set it up to auto-tweet out throughout the day.

Click on the “RSS Feed” tab on the left.  Enter the RSS feed in the “RSS URL” box and check the “include title box”.  Then click on the “Add RSS Feed” button.

Check the Shorten URL’s box.  I set it to tweet out every 20-80 minutes (it randomizes it) and to send a maximum of 2 tweets a day in order to not spam my followers.

rss feed

Now it’s set to send out two tweets daily with very high auto-curated content.  Gotta love set-and-forget automation 🙂

Now lets set it up to send out links to my past posts to drive traffic back to my blog.


Post Tweets Linking Back to my Blog

We have tweets being sent out that promote awesome content, but I want some tweets also being back promoting my own content that will send people back to my own blog.

TweetAdder4 allows us to automate this as well!

Click on the “Tweets” tab on the left hand side.  I went back through all of the posts I have posted so far and created two differently worded tweets with bit.ly links pointing back to the actual post.  I labeled them all “Throw Back Posts” so that people will know they aren’t brand new.

You can also add pictures to the tweets to be sent out by clicking on the “Image” box next to the tweet after you add it.

I set it to tweet every 60-90 minutes and a maximum of 2 per day.  With this and the RSS Tweets both going I don’t want to be sending more than 4 tweets per day, to me any ore than that promoting links just starts to look spammy.

Be sure to check the “Post in random order” and Recurring tweets” boxes and then click the “Automation On” button.

Now TweetAdder4 will automatically send out tweets promoting our old posts that will continue to drive traffic to my posts.

post tweets


Auto-Retweet Influencers Tweets

We have covered how I automated gaining followers, engaging with my new followers as well as automatically driving traffic back too my blog posts.  There is one last thing that I automated with TweetAdder4 that saved me a ton of time and got my huge results.

The absolute best method to explode your blogs audience is blogger outreach.  In simple terms it is networking with influencers in your niche and hopefully get them to promote your content to their audiences.  If you do this correctly you can see a massive increase in your blogs traffic and audience, do it wrong and you’ll have wasted a lot of time and probably burnt a bunch of bridges.

I will be writing an entire post dedicated to exactly how to do blogger outreach correctly so keep an eye out for that, but before we can start networking with the influencers we need to get not heir radars somehow.

TweetAdder4 gives us a great way to do it and that is retweets!  Every time someone retweets one of your tweets they get an email letting them know.  If I (or you) start consistently retweeting posts that influencers we are are trying to connect with tweet then they will at least recognize our name when we reach out to them.

But I don’t want to go through every single influencer in my niche every day and retweet whatever they are tweeting about, lets automate it!

Just like everything else in TweetAdder4 it is extremely easy to do.

Click on the “Re-Tweets” tab on the left.  Enter the niche influencers you want to start networking with in the “Twitter Username” box and click on “Add Re-Tweet”.  I set the “Post Re-Tweet” timer to every 60-120 minutes (it will randomize it) and set it to only send out a maximum of 2 Re-Tweets per day.  (You can set this higher if you want)

Be sure to check the “Random Order” box and turn on the Automation!



In Conclusion

So there you have it.  Exactly how I grew my Twitter audience too 2,026 (actually up to 2,075 as I finish writing this post), automatically engaged with that audience, automatically post tweets not only linking back to my blog posts but other highly valuable content as well and finally start the process of getting on the big influencers in my niches radar.

Doing all of this manually would take me hours every single day, with TweetAdder4 all of it is done on complete autopilot running in the background while I do other things.

Now it’s your turn!

Do you automate any of your twitter tasks?  Are you going to try out TweetAdder4?  Want to talk about your own twitter audience?  Leave a comment and lets talk!

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