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Tools I Use & Love

Running an online business while traveling the world takes a lot of tools.

Over the years I have tried hundreds of different tools and services, some of them have worked wonderfully and I use every day, others have made me pull my hair out from frustration.

I have weeded out all of the disappointing ones and below have listed only the tools and services I personally use everyday in my business.

Selling Services and Digital Goods Online

Paypal – The #1 payment processor on the internet.  I use them in all of my business online and highly suggest you use them as well.

E-junkie – My #1 recommendation for people who are just starting out online to set up shop.  For $5 a month e-junkie allows your to sell your digital products and programs.  It’s as easy as creating a product, uploading the file and choosing the price.  You can then choose from a couple payment processors, Google Checkout or Paypal and then put a buy button on your site.  Easy as that!

Website Hosting and Design

Namecheap – The best name registrar on the internet and I use them for every domain that I register.  They are very cheap and provide everything from domain services to email and website hosting.

Bluehost – If you are just starting out blue host is the best budget hosting provider out there.  Very easy to use and their support is very fast.

WPengine – When you are ready to get serious with your hosting this is where you need to go.  This blog is hosted here and it is lighting fast!  The support is absolutely amazing.  I have never had a problem with them and HIGHLY recommend this for your hosting provider.

Lead Pages – My go to solution for squeeze pages, sales pages and pretty much any other type of page.  It is the greatest squeeze page and sales page maker out there.  Highly recommend them!

MyThemeShop – This blog uses a theme from here.  Love it!  All of there themes are SEO friendly, social friendly and fully responsive.  Check them out, they have a theme for everything!

Social Media Tools

Hootsuite – The tool I use to schedule all of my social media posts.  Makes it extremely easy to automate all of your social media outreach and to keep track of everything that is going on in all of your profiles.

TweetAdder – I use this for growing my twitter followers.  While it doesn’t automate everything, it defiantly speeds up the process of following and unfollowing.  I use it to gain an average of 100 twitter followers ever single day! (Stay tuned for a case study on exactly how I do that)

Email Marketing

Aweber – I have been using aweber for over 5 years and wouldn’t use any other email provider.  It is the standard in the internet marketing world.  Use it.  Simple as that!

Affiliate Platform

Jvzoo – This is the affiliate platform that I use for all of my online products.  Very easy and intuitive to use and has a ton of affiliates ready to start promoting your products!