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From funnels to backlinks; white-hat to lead magnet, there are a lot of new and confusing terms in the online business world.  That's why we have decided to build the ultimate glossary for everyone new to online business.  As The World Is My Office grows we will continue to add new terms and descriptions so you'll never have to wonder what something is again!

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  • Authority
    When online business owners talk about Authority they are referring to, in general, how large a following and how well known you (or your business) are in a niche. You will hear the phrase "build your authority" countless times in the online business world and it's one of the most important(...)
  • Authority Site
    An Authority Site refers to a website that tries to be the main destination for information in a certain niche. Though authority sites don't necessarily have to be large they are generally thousands of pages filled with the best information available in that niche.  They have spent years(...)
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  • Content Management System (CMS)
    The easies way to think about a CMS is that it is the framework of your website.  There are lots of CMS's out there but by far the most popular is Wordpress. Wordpress is the de facto framework to build an online business website around.  It handles all of the coding parts allowing you to(...)
  • Conversion Rate
    Conversion Rate is an extremely important metric that you need to monitor in your own business.  It is the rate of which someone who comes to a webpage takes the desired action (such as purchase from a sales page or opt-in on a squeeze page). To find your conversion rate you divide your(...)
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  • Digital Nomad
    Digital Nomad's are entrepreneurs who have leveraged the power and global availability of the internet to build a location independent online business.  This allows them to work from anywhere in the world with a laptop and internet connection. This is a relatively new concept and is quickly(...)
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  • Funnel
    Your funnel is the central part of your online business, what everything else revolves around.
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  • Guest Post
    A guest post (or guest posting) is a back linking and traffic driving strategy used by bloggers.  The basic idea is to find blogs that your target audience is already on and writing an article that is posted on the blog. This does 2 things: Establishes yourself as an authority in the(...)
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  • Online Marketing
    Online Marketing is an all-in-compassing term that refers to all the different ways to market your business online.
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  • ROI
    ROI stands for Return on Investment.  In the online business world we generally refer to ROI when using paid advertising. Return on Investment is the amount of money earned for every dollar spent.  Here is the formula for calculating it (don't let the math scare you it's easy!) (Earnings -(...)