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The Secret Formula to Online Business That Nobody Ever Talks About

Figuring out how this whole online business thing works is pretty hard.  In fact when I first started it took me over 2 years of testing, buying courses from the latest “guru” and failing before I even made measly $100 profit.

People like to make online business so convoluted and complicated.

SEO, social media, link building, video marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, wordpress, building websites, MLM, the list goes on and on.

It’s enough to make your head spin and for most new people the information overload makes them feel helpless, in over their heads and eventually leads to them quitting.

Sound familiar?

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Discovering the secret formula

When I was new I loved reading the case studies of successful internet marketers (I still do!).  I devoured these things, reading and studying as many as I could find.  After awhile I started to see a pattern.  A similar thread in every single success story I read that lead me to discovering the secret formula that everyone was following, but no one was really talking about.

Once you pull back the veil of tricks, hacks, acronyms and methods the formula becomes blatantly obvious.


The entirety of online business can be summed up by this very simple diagram.  Create and offer or product and send traffic too it.  You don’t need to make it any more complicated than that.

You can either create your own products or promote someone else’s (affiliate marketing)and then you send traffic it to it.  It’s really as simple as that.

But how do you send traffic too it?

Right now your are probably thinking, “Ok I get it, send traffic to an offer.  Thats simple enough to understand, but how do I actually send the traffic?!”.

This is the step 99% of people will fail at.  They create a product, or set themselves up as an affiliate and then try all sorts of tricks, hacks and schemes to bring in traffic.  They buy all the latest training on how to outwit google or the latest “flavor of the month” social network but in the end they fail miserably.

Want to know why some people are able to send floods of traffic to their latest offering while most people can barely scrape together a little trickle of visitors?

I can sum it up in one word…Authority.

Building your audience

The people who are successful, who can send huge amounts of traffic to whatever offer they want, whenever they want, are able to do it because they have built a huge audience who trust and respect their opinions and knowledge on a certain topic.

Once you have that it’s as simple as sending out an email or tweet and the traffic goes whoever you want it.

This is the secret to online business that the successful have figured out and the struggling need to understand.

So the next question your probably asking to yourself is how do I become an authority?

The most straight forward way is too start an authority blog in your niche.  I have gone into a TON of detail in my post The Ultimate Guide to Launching an Authority Blog and I strongly suggest you read it.

By establishing an authority blog in your niche you instantly establish yourself as an authority (go figure).  As your sites readership grows so does your reputation, email list, and followers.  Before you know it you are one of the ones able to send all the traffic you could want to your offers.

Wrapping it up

Like I told you in the beginning of this post, the online business world, at least at first, can seem confusing and overwhelming.

But once you peel back the layers and look at the basic framework every business looks the same.


The goal of starting an online business seems a lot more attainable when you look at it like that doesn’t it?  Follow this basic blueprint and you will succeed no matter what business you decide to get into online.

Did you figure the secret formula before reading this?  Have any questions about the formula?  Leave a comment below and lets talk about it!

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