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The Must Reach Online Marketing Posts of February 2015

Welcome to the very first edition of the “Must Read Posts of the Month!”.

There are an absolute ton of blogs out there that talk about how to improve your online business, I’m talking 10s of thousands!  With that many blogs to sift through it can take hours, even days to find the diamonds in the rough, to find the posts that are truly epic and will help you in your own business.

That is why every single month I have done the heavy lifting for you.  Every single month I will be creating a post that lists all of the truly epic and mind blowing content put out by bloggers, influencers and authority figures in the industry.

You are going to want to read this post every month.

So lets jump right in to it:

The Must Read Online MarketingPosts ofThe Must Read Online MarketingPosts of


Matthew Woodward takes us through an exactly what metrics we should be measuring our blogs success with along with exactly how to track them in google analytics.

Jeff Bullas talks us through his 17 key metrics for tracking your content marketing efforts.


Brian at backlinko.com teaches the “sky scraper” technique.  This is something I do when I want to drive some truly targeted traffic to my blog posts.

Ramsey teaches us his blogging strategy that is proven to be successful in any niche that you choose to enter.

Readers not reading most of your content?  It’s probably because your opener sucks!  Check out Jon’s post on how to change that…

Ever wonder what the #1 skill you need to be a successful blogger?  Find out right here!

Ryan over at bloggingfromparadise.com talks about the 17 blogging lessons he learned on a very long flight (very interesting!).

Having trouble monetizing your site?  Check out this guide from nichehacks.com on 35 real life examples of different ways people are making money of their niche sites.


socialmediaexaminer.com teaches us too measure social ROI with Facebook Ads (awesome stuff!)

Sue walks us through exactly how to market out blogs and drive traffic from Pinterest. (I learned a lot in this post!)

Matthew Barby explains to us why Facebook likes don’t matter anymore.

Case Studies

IMscalable.com walked us through their truly epic 2015 launch strategy.  They are using retargeting videos on youtube and Facebook…genius!

Dale at bloggency.com walks us through a Case Study of how he made $1,000 in 14 days (from idea to launch).

Yaro Stark from entrepreneurs-journey.com released an incredible interview-case study of how an acne blogger is making $80,000 per year!

Dave at selfmadebusinessman.com has run into some speed bumps in the last couple of months, but he is still going and still working hard to make things work.  You learn nothing from success and everything from failure!

Membership Sites

I have to include my epic 12,307 word guide that I created on exactly how to create your own profitable membership site.


Did I miss any incredible posts?  Think your blog post should have been included?  Tell me in the comments!

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