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The Must Read Online Marketing & Digital Nomad Blogs of 2014


I am a avid reader of blogs.  In fact the very first thing I do every morning is check my email and open up my favorite RSS reader to check out the latest posts from my favorite blogs.

One of the most asked questions I get is “What blogs should I be reading?”.  Well here they are, all 36 Must Read Online Marketing and Digital Nomad Blogs of 2014.

Every single one of the 36 blogs I listed below I read every week and can proudly say that a ton of my knowledge comes from reading them.

I split them up into 3 categories:  Blogging, Online Marketing and Digital Nomads.

Some of them you have probably heard about, I made sure to include some that you likely have never seen before.  They are all incredible!

Remember a great man once said that we are only as great as the people we surround ourselves with.  These are some of the top bloggers in their fields and the knowledge and experience that they are sharing on their blogs is the equivalent of a Masters in starting an online business.

NOTE:  They are in no particular order



 Blog Tyrant (blogtyrant.com)


Ramsay Taplin is a 27 year old online marketer who originally sold one of his fitness blogs for $20,000.  Ever since then he has been blogging and traveling while creating online businesses in various niches.

He posts some really amazing in-depth posts on how to grow and monetize your blog.

Favorite Post: 41 Tips that Put Over 10,000 People on My Email Subscriber List


Boost Blog Traffic (boostblogtraffic.com)


I first started reading John Morrows blog when I first launched The World Is My Office back in May.  He had just recently launched Boost Blog Traffic and the guides on how to grow your blog he posted have only gotten better since then!

This is one of the best blogs I have ever read about how to grow your blog audience.

Favorite Post: How to be Unforgettable 


Blogging Wizard (bloggingwizard.com)


Adam Connell runs Blogging Wizard and over the last several years has built up successful blogs in a variety of different niches.  He writes some of the most actionable and thorough posts on growing your blog that I have ever seen.

Defiantly check out the favorite post listed below!

Favorite Post: 16 Effective Ways to get more Comments on your Blog


Blogging From Paradise (bloggingfromparadise.com)

blogging from paradise

Ryan Biddulph might be one of my favorite bloggers.  Like me he loves to travel and as his blog name so elegantly puts it “Blog From Paradise”.

On his blog he talks about how to grow your blog and your audience, but where Ryan really shines is blogger outreach.  He is king of networking with other bloggers and he isn’t shy about sharing exactly how he does it!

Favorite Post: 8 Blogging Excuses That You Need to Release Now


Blog Marketing Academy (blogmarketingacademy.com)


David Risley has been blogging since the very beginning…literally…before “blogging” was even a word.  He has created something special with the Blog Marketing Academy.  It is a site dedicated to teaching new bloggers exactly how to build, grow and monetize their blogs.


Favorite Post: The 7 Stages of Building an Online Business


Successful Blogging (successfulblogging.com)


Sue Anne Dunlevie is awesome!  She runs SuccessfulBlogging.com and specializes in teaching ambitious women how to start and grow their online businesses.  Even though I’m a guy I still find the content she puts out incredibly insightful and highly suggest you check out her blog!


Favorite Post: 51 Steps to Launching a Hot Blog


Be A Better Blogger (beabetterblogger.com)


Kevin Duncan has been blogging since way back in 2005 (seems so long ago doesn’t it?).  Kevin posts some really cool case studies and strategies too build your audience on social media as well as networking with fellow bloggers.


Favorite Post: The Facebook Comments Strategy That You Will Either Love or Hate


Blogging Tips 101 (bloggingtips101.com)


Cathrine Holt started Blogging Tips 101 after she successfully created her site Smart Party Planning.  When she first started out she didn’t really no what she was doing and now that she does she wants to share her tips a advice with others who want to start successful blogs.


Favorite Post: 5 Tips For Turning Blogging Criticism into Blogging Income 


High Powered SEO (highpoweredseo.com)


Steven Wilson has a very unique angle when it comes to teaching people how to start, build and monetize their blogs.  While most people talk about how to grow your blog when doing it full time, Steven focuses on people who are building their online businesses part time and don’t have a lot of time to spend on their blogs.

Favorite Post: Bloggers Beware! Your Blog Could End Up Looking Like This…


Stacy Corrin (staceycorrin.co.uk)


Stacy Corrin is a bit different than the other bloggers that I have listed here.  She specializes in design and ghost writing.  On her blog she shares some of the best simple design tips for bloggers.


Favorite Post: How to Find Quality Stock Photos That Don’t Suck


 Online Marketing

Niche Hacks (nichehacks.com)


I’ve known Stuart Walker for the past 6 months and am a huge fan of what he is doing over at Niche Hacks.  If you ever need a new idea for a niche then your first stop should be Niche Hacks.  Not only does he post new niche ideas on a regular basis but he does all the hard work for you, completely analyzing them and gives you a full break down of how to enter the niche.

Favorite Post: The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Niche Market


Matthew Woodward (matthewwoodward.co.uk)

matthew woodward

Over the last several years Matthew Woodward has risen to the top of the Internet Marketing world by posting incredible “How to” and Case Study posts more thorough than anything else found on the internet.  He covers everything from social media to SEO.


Favorite Post: How I Built a Top 100 in 12 Months and How You Can Do It Too!


Kevin Muldoon (kevinmuldoon.com)

kevin muldoon

Kevin Muldoon has been making a living online since 2000 and is absolutely killing it.  It has allowed him to leave his homeland of Scotland and travel around South America while working online and sharing his knowledge with the rest of us.


Favorite Post: Why Some Bloggers Make Money and Others Do Not


Entrepreneurs Journey (entrepreneurs-journey.com)


Yaro Starak is one of my Internet Marketing heroes!  On his blog Entrepreneurs Journey he lays out the business model he has used to build a multi-million dollar online business and teaches you how to do the same.  If your not an avid reader of his, you need to be…


Favorite Post: I Killed Almost All My Income Streams, and I did it on Purpose…


Matthew Barby (matthewbarby.com)


Matthew Barby has created one of those blogs that draws you in and keeps your attention for hours before you realize whats happening.  He has created some of the most well laid out and easy to follow (and duplicate!) strategies for fellow Internet Marketers to implement themselves.


Favorite Post: Growing a Following from Nothing: My Social Media Strategy


Do SEO Yourself (doseoyourself.com)

doseo yourself

Jason Chesters is a 29 year old SEO master from the UK.  He has created his blog, Do SEO Yourself, to teach people like you and me how to do their own SEO.  Jason lets you in on all of his success and failures and has one of the best blogs on SEO that I have ever read.


Favorite Post: 200 Google Ranking Factors That You Should Know About


Jeff Bullas (jeffbullas.com)


Jeff Bullas is an Internet Marketing Pro.  He created his blog to teach people how to “get found online” and provides some incredibly insightful tips on how to do just that.  I find myself checking Jeff’s blog almost every day.


Favorite Post: 15 Step Guideline to Create Your Perfect 2015 Digital Marketing Strategy


Profit Blitz (profitblitz.com)


Marc Andre has been creating and selling websites for the past 5 years and has sold his website creations for as much as $500,00!  Through it all he has gained a ton of knowledge about how to grow an online business and started Profit Blitz to share what he knows with the world.


Favorite Post: How to Build an Online Business for Long-Term Success


Self Made Businessman (selfmadebusinessman.com)


I have been reading Dave Schneider’s new blog, Self Made Businessman, since it launched earlier this year and am blown away by the content he continues to put out.  Covering everything from blogging tips too creating SAAS software Dave talks about all things Online Marketing.


Favorite Post: Why I’m Not The CEO of a Multi-Million Dollar Business


Unstoppable Profits (unstoppableprofits.com)


I just discovered Aurelius Tjin’s blog, Unstoppable Profits, a couple of weeks ago but I absolutely love it!  Aurelius has created over 100 products online and created his blog to share the knowledge he has gained with the rest of us.  He has some really incredible stuff on there!


Favorite Post: 10 Things I Did That Doubled My Blog Traffic


Digital Nomads

Four Hour Work Week (fourhourworkweek.com)


Odds are Tim Ferris’s best selling book, The Four Hour Work Week, is what got you interested in the Digital Nomad lifestyle.  He is the grandaddy of it all and I am a raving fan of his!  Have you checked out his blog lately?


Favorite Post: 12 Rules for Learning Foreign Languages in Record Time


Almost Fearless (almostfearless.com)


Christine Gilbert quit her job and has been traveling the world with her husband and baby since 2008.  They loved the Digital Nomad lifestyle so much they have filmed a documentary about what it is like to be a Digital Nomad.  They continue to travel and blog about their adventures around the world.


Favorite Post: Adventure is Where You Are


Chris Guillebeau (chrisguillebeau.com)

Chris Guillebeau is the writer of the best selling book, The Art of Non-Conformity and has built a community of “unconventional people doing remarkable things”.  I absolutely love his blog, it is extremely inspiring, you should check it out!


Favorite Post: Why You Should Quit Your Job and Travel Around the World


Thrilling Heroics (thrillingheroics.com)


Cody Mckibben was one of my inspirations when I start my own online business before I started traveling.  At Thrilling Heroics he has build a truly amazing blog talking about his adventures as a Digital Nomad and teaches how you can join him.


Favorite Post: Reflections After a Year Living Abroad


Rolf Potts (rolfpotts.com)

rolf potts

Author of the bible for long term travelers, Vagabonding, Rolf Potts is one of my favorite old school Digital Nomads.  I love reading his blog which chronicles his adventures on the road as well as tips and tricks to help you on your own globe trotting adventures.


Favorite Post: Connecting Spectacular Travel Moments With Our Day to Day Lives


Location Independent (locationindependent.com)


Lee and Jonathan Woodward coined the term “Location Independent” back in 2007 and have been living the lifestyle since way back in 2005.  Now they continue to travel the world with their 2 children teaching others how to follow in their footsteps.


Favorite Post: Failing Your Way to Success


Location 180 (seanogle.com)


I have been reading Sean Ogle’s blog, Location 180, for years.  It is one of my favorite Digital Nomad blogs and love to read about his thoughts on location independent business as well as the every day life of Digital Nomads.


Favorite Post: Why My Lifestyle Business Has Been So Successful


Tropical MBA (tropicalmba.com)


Dan and Ian run 2 successful location independent business and are some of the most well known Digital Nomads around.  They also have a podcast that will bestow some serious online business wisdom on you, go take a listen!


Favorite Post: I Want to Make Money From Anywhere in the World – Where Should I Start?


Suitcase Entrepreneur (suitcaseentrepreneur.com)


Natalie Sisson might be one of the top coaches teaching people how to become Digital Nomads and start their very own location independent business.  She has just recently started creating a regular podcast that is absolutely awesome!


Favorite Post: The First 4 Steps to Starting an Online Business


Goats on the Road (goatsontheroad.com)


Nick and Dariece are a nomadic couple who created Goats on the Road after realizing that every day can be an adventure.  This is one of my absolute favorite travel blogs and love to draw inspirations from my future travels by reading.


Favorite Post: The Art of Freedom


Nomadic Matt (nomadicmatt.com)


Matt’s blog was one of the very first travel blogs I ever came across.  He has been living the Digital Nomad lifestyle and traveling the world since 2006.  He has posted some of the most enlightening travel tips and hacks I have read anywhere on Nomadic Matt.  Before you travel anywhere check out his blog!


Favorite Post: How to be a Travel Hacker


Leaving Work Behind (leavingworkbehind.com)


3 years ago you probably wouldn’t recognize Tom Ewar.  He was working a 9 to 5 job in property management, but like so many of us was unfulfilled.  He took a huge leap, quit his job and went on a journey, starting his aptly named  Leaving Work Behind blog and has never looked back.  Now he travels the world blogging and teaching others how to do the same.

Favorite Post: What I would do if I had to Start Again


My Tan Feet (mytanfeet.com)


Yeison and Samantha over at My Tan Feet are some of my favorite travel bloggers.  They have a writing style that I find really unique and I can relate too.  The focus and specialize on travel in Costa Rica and Central America (somewhere I really want to get to in 2015!)but also do a lot of traveling themselves and write all about it.

Favorite Post: A Look Back on Travel 2013


Digital Nomad Wannabe (digitalnomadwannabe.com)


Sharon Gourlay is doing some amazing things over at Digital Nomad Wannabe, where she takes along with her on her journey to become a Digital Nomad.  She shares some really great content and guides to establish and grow your online business.  Plus some fun stories of her adventures while traveling!


Favorite Post: The Complete Guide to Using Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website


Beat The 9 to 5 (beatthe9to5.com)


Robert Farrington is the founder of Beat the 9 to 5 and specializes in teaching people how to become solo-preneurs, build the business they always wanted and escape the 9 to 5 (just like this blog!).  I sense I am a kindred spirit with Robert and really enjoy reading everything he puts out.


Favorite Post: The Simplest Tricks to Boost Your Social Media Engagement


Desk to Dirtbag (desktodirtbag.com)


Part Adventure/Travel Blog part online business advice Ryan over at Desk to Dirtbag is having an incredible adventure while traveling the world, living location independent and running his business.  I love reading about Ryan’s latest adventures and you will too!


Favorite Post: The Big Adventure Side Hustle Calculator



There you have it, 36 blogs that I read every week and I HIGHLY recommend you do the same!

Did I miss any?  Have a favorite blog that I didn’t include in the list?  Let me know in the comments!

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